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I’ve put together a list of resources that I highly recommend. I only recommend vendors whose products I have purchased.

Some of these are paid, others are free. This list does contain affiliate links. If you sign up and purchase something using these links, I might earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

The Free Goods

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Canva Planner Templates

Get a taste for our products with this Canva Templates Starter Pack!

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Compelling Mock-ups

This e-books has everything you need to know to create compelling mock-ups.

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Achieve Your Goals

Use these eBook & Workbook templates to help your clients achieve their goals.

The Workhorses

Not a day goes by without touching these tools!



I sell and buy on Etsy - this is one marketplace I could browse all day!



Bring only your imagination, no fancy degrees needed to create with Canva!



A variety of graphic elements, patterns, SVG files and templates.

Course Master

I’ve taken dozens of courses – these are the ones I wholeheartedly recommend.

Gold City Ventures

The VIP E-printables Course - and the FB community - is a great resource if you're new to selling digital products on Etsy.

Feathered Vine Studio

I rarely sign up for memberships, but I have the Feathered Vine membership - it's probably the best value for technically-challenged folks like me.

Empowered Shop

Monica Froese's courses, tools and - let's face it - sales acumen, are designed to help you level up, whatever your starting point might be.


These are the rocks on which the rest of my business is built!



Buy a domain and everything else you need.



Stop overpaying for software. Be sure to check reviews before you grab the lifetime deals on tools you didn't know you needed.



Everything you need to create a website.



Great features, range of templates, and a low price.

More Good Stuff

Check out these businesses whose products I’ve used and love!

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