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Want to help your customers achieve their goals and make their dreams come true? The Goal Setting Planner has got you covered!

With 36 unique layouts to help you plan, track, and stay on top of your goals – whether for business, school or career – this planner will help you create a plan and stick with it.

Use these planner layouts to help your customers take control of their life and achieve their goals. It has a variety of customizable sections that you can mix and match to create a range of products.

  • 6 Cover Page Templates
  • 8 Goal Planner Layouts
  • 3 Brain Dump Layouts
  • 1 Bucket List Layout
  • 3 SMART Goals Layouts
  • 3 Project List Layouts
  • 6 Project Planner Layouts
  • 2 Priority Matrix Layouts
  • 1 Quick Wins Layout
  • 3 Progress Trackers
  • 6 Notes & Brainstorming Pages

There are so many ways to use these templates:

1. Edit and sell as a comprehensive planner.

2. Break it up and sell goal planners for niche audiences like students, teachers, entrepreneurs, professionals, homemakers, bloggers, freelancers etc.

3.  Sell individual pages as planner fillers

4. Edit the colours and fonts, and create versions for different audiences.


This Template Pack has 36 Goal Planner Layouts- giving you endless possibilities to help your customers!

35 Goal Setting Planner Templates and planner cover templates.
6 stylish cover designs for Goal Setting Planner Templates.

Choose between 6 stylish covers. Can’t decide? Use all 6, we don’t judge! 😉

The colors, fonts and layouts are simple. You won’t find frivolous design elements, making it very easy to edit and re-use.

Goal Setting Planner Templates
35 unique layouts for Goal Setting Planner Templates and planners.

Use tools like SMART Goals and Priority Matrix (Eisenhower Matrix) to set and achieve meaningful goals.


You get 2023 Calendar & Blank calendar layouts, giving you even more options to create a planner your customers will love!

Bonus 2022 & Goal Setting Planner Templates calendar templates.

Please note: You will need a free Canva account to use these templates.

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You get:


  • 36 Goal Planner Templates
  • 6 Cover Page Templates
  • Bonus: Calendar Templates

Terms of Use:


You may:

  • Use these layouts to create your own products to sell.
  • You can use this template to create completed end products only.
  • You may share and sell the FINISHED end-products you create with the template. Finished products include but are not limited to PDF files, JPEG / PNG images, and other uneditable formats.
  • You may not share, duplicate, resell, distribute, transfer, gift, or reproduce these templates away, with or without modifications.
  • You may not sell the actual editable Canva templates.

You may not use these products or templates to spread false or misleading claims, or for any illegal purposes. They may not be used to cause harm to any individual or organization.