Unlocking Insights: Powerful Lessons from 30 Days of Emails

A month ago, I started sending a free Canva PLR template every single day.

Here’s how it went.

The Numbers

People unsubscribed every day. It was especially high in the first few days, but continued through the month. I started the month just over 2000, and I’m ending it with 1933 subscribers. 

This would have freaked me out earlier, but now it’s just business. Maybe my work – or my writing – wasn’t right for them. Or not right at this time. 

I’m grateful that 1933 stayed with me, because my work meant something to them. 

It’s quite natural that some more may choose to unsubscribe now that the daily freebies have ended – and that’s perfectly alright too. I’m sure these folks will find me when they’re ready for what I offer. 

Apart from subscriber counts, open rates and clickthroughs were also among my highest ever, although that’d be expected for the daily free templates. 

The Business

March has been the highest grossing month for me from PLR sales, despite not having that many higher priced offers. 

Turns out everyone’s busy, so you need to tell people more than once or twice before they buy from you. 

This is one my biggest takeaways – if you’re shying away from promoting your offers, it’s time to stop. 

Take pride in your work, and show up for the people who need your best work. (And if you don’t feel a sense of pride in your work, let’s talk about that – mail me). 

My affiliate revenue for March was also the highest since I started. Sharing affiliate offers helped me support the businesses that I like, while also providing value to my list. 

Content Bank

I now have a content bank! Between my idea bank and discarded email snippets, there’s a lot of content I can create, based on my own experience, in my own words. This is gold! 

When I look back at the 30 days of emails, there are at least 5 or 6 that I can polish up into blog posts. 

A Google Sheet for my Google Sheets

One Saturday morning I started writing my email. Then I went looking for a link in a Google Sheet… and by late afternoon I had the One Sheet to Rule Them All! 👑

(Well, it was either that, or I’d disappear into the thicket of files in my Google Drive and never be seen again.

Seriously, I had dozens of Google Sheets to track everything, with all kinds of file names. It was easier to create one Google Sheet that had links to everything else, than to try and organize them. 

Now it takes me seconds to find anything – I have all the links in one place!

After I finished admiring my Google Sheets hack, I sent that day’s email. It was still Saturday somewhere! 😉

Saving the best for last – getting to know YOU! ❤️

I rarely ever received replies to my emails before this, but my daily emails got a couple of responses every day. It was the biggest encouragement to keep going – I felt heard and seen. 

I loved hearing from you, replying to your questions, and hearing your (usually positive) comments. 

As the days went on, I found myself getting curious about my readers, so I sent out the survey – and it worked better than I thought!

I now try to tailor my work even closer to what you need at this stage of your entrepreneurial journey. 

To everyone who wrote to me this past month, or responded to the survey – I am incredibly grateful to you! 

I started this project with the goals of writing faster and better, and sharing value (i.e a free template) every day. My writing is definitely faster, and I now have systems in place to make it easier. 

I can honestly say that I have gotten way more out of this than I expected. 

So, what’s next?

As we start a new month, I’m thinking of my next 30-day challenge.

But I plan to keep emailing most days. 

I enjoy writing and I absolutely love the replies from you. Why stop doing something that’s so much fun, and good for business?

I also don’t really have any other marketing channels, except my emails and affiliates. 

I won’t force myself to send an email if it doesn’t clear the value filter: does it educate? does it entertain? (you don’t want to read my ranty sob fests…)

If you’ve been holding yourself back, I hope this inspires you to take action on your biggest goals. 

I’m cheering for you to show up with your unique and wonderful work! 🎉